Customized Administrator Page in Moodle LMS

Customized Administrator Page in Moodle LMS

The main tasks of the LMS administrators are to create courses, update existing courses, assign courses to users, create new users, and update existing users in LMS. It’s time consuming for to go to the options present at different locations in Moodle to perform such tasks. If a customized page is created where the administrator can do the aforementioned tasks while being on the same page, then it saves much of his time and makes his job easier.

Here I would like to share with you some features of the administrator page that we have customized in Moodle that have made the LMS administrator’s job simple.

This is the screenshot of the customized user administrator page in Moodle.

Customized user administrator page in moodle

Here are some features:

1. Add courses, add categories, add users

Here the LMS administrator can add new courses, register new users and can browse all the users registered on the same page.

Add courses categories users

2. Search courses

LMS administrators can search for the courses and browse all the courses category- wise (see the highlighted part in the screen below).

Search courses

3. Edit the course


Here the LMS administrator can make changes to the course, assign it to the users and delete the course, if required.

Edit the courses

4. Export


The export option allows the administrator to export all the course details (course names, activity details, category names) to an excel sheet.


5. Pagination


When there are hundreds of courses available, loading issues will arise because fetching all records at one time from a database will take time. So, instead of doing this, we can use a pagination feature that shows 10 records per page. Thus, no loading issues will arise.


Compared to the existing LMS administrator block in Moodle, here the LMS administrator can manage all the tasks on a single page. Please do share your thoughts.

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