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Steps to Customize the Quiz Component in Lectora

Steps to Customize the Quiz Component in Lectora

For those who have good technical skills, Lectora offers many features that can be customized. One such feature is the ability to customize the final quiz in an eLearning course instead of using the default final quiz.

In this quiz, we created our own questions and presented the layout changing the ‘look and feel’ to suit the client’s specifications. Our client also requested for a customized “Summary Page” at the end of the Quiz, displaying the number of questions given and the correct and incorrect answers. A completion status was to be sent to the Learning Management System, based on the passing grade. We were to control access to the certificate based on the score secured.

So how did we set up this interactivity? This was a little more complex than other interactivities, because we needed to use variables for each question to store the score of each question and add conditional action to control the navigation and force the learner to complete the question to proceed to the next question. At the end of the course, we needed to set up other actions to calculate the number of correct/ incorrect answers and the total score. These additional actions would send the score and completion status to the Learning Management System to track the Quiz data.

Click on the link below to check out the step-by-step instructions to the method adopted.

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