Mission Critical Features of an LMS

Mission Critical Features of an LMS

Do you need to change your training approach based on the LMS features or select the LMS features based on your training requirement?

Every organization has its own training strategies, so it is important to first look at the training needs and then select LMS features. The process of LMS selection becomes easy when you are clear your training needs. There is variety of LMSs available in the market and it may difficult for you to select the best LMS, according to your training needs. LMS vendors may provide a very comprehensive list of features to select. As a training manager you may play a major role in selecting new LMS and may get confused in selecting the required features.

From the latest eLearning guild’s survey report, I am listing only top 10 features, which every LMS must have. These are the features which most of the organizations use for their online training. There are some other features, which may be important to your organization but are not listed here.

1. eLearning uploading and tracking

2. Report builder

3. Email notifications

4. Search courses

5. eLearning versions history

6. Assigning training

7. Change view to Manager

8. Built-in quiz engine and tracking results

9. Catalog management

10. Grades management

You may create some ‘use-cases’ on these features based on your training structure and ask the LMS vendors to demonstrate it. You may set a different score to each feature as per the importance percentage mentioned in the image and evaluate the LMS.

Key Features of an LMS

In case you already have an LMS you may then re-evaluate these features. If necessary you can customize them to make it user-friendly, or look for any other alternative. Most of the training activities depend on these features, so it should not be time consuming or complex. Every LMS may have these features, so evaluate them based on the intuitive knowledge of usage and meet all your training needs.

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