What are The Criteria for Selecting An LMS?

What are the Criteria for Selecting an LMS?

What are the Criteria for Selecting an LMS?

Technology is continuously evolving and it is no different with Learning Management Systems. According to a research published by EDUCASE Center for Analysis and Research, the average age of an LMS is eight years. It means that institutions need to replace their LMS every eight years to keep up with their current needs and demands. So, every few years, training managers or stakeholders of organizations will need to make a decision about either changing their existing LMS or modifying their current one. With so many options available, how do they decide which one is right for them? Selecting an LMS that is a “best-fit” for your organization is not an easy task.

CommLab India has released an eBook 3 Options to Consider While Choosing An LMS – An Expert’s Advice that attempts to answer this question. The eBook suggests three LMS options (WordPress, Moodle or Enterprise Solutions) based on the size of the organization. To learn more and download the eBook, click here.

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