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Articulate Storyline: Creating Username and Password for eLearning courses

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Articulate Storyline: Creating Username and Password for eLearning courses

Small and mid-sized organizations cannot afford an LMS to deliver eLearning courses to their learners. They may want to launch their courses on a web portal and prevent unauthorized access of their courses. So, they wish to want to protect the course by giving user name and password to the course.

Articulate Storyline has an inbuilt feature to create a Username and Password. Before launching the course, the user should enter the username and password to access the course.

Here, I would like to share how to create a Username and Password for your eLearning course which is developed with Articulate Storyline.

1. Create text fields to Username and Password.

  • By clicking the Insert tab, we can find the Data Entry button.

Clicking the Insert tab we can find Data Entry button

  • By clicking the Data Entry button, we can find “Text Entry, Numeric Entry”. In that we have to select “Text Entryfiled”.

Select Text Entry filed

  • After selecting the Text Entry filed, drag the mouse on the slide to create text fields for Username and Password.

drag the mouse on slide

2. Assign variables to text fields.

  • We can find the Triggers panel on left slide. In this panel we find the triggers, which we have to drag with the mouse to create text fields.
  • By clicking these triggers, we get Trigger Wizard panel. In this panel, we find the drop down menu.
  • Select the username and password and choose the appropriate options.
  • We can control the Next button by assigning variables. Here is a screenshot which shows how we can create functionality using variables.

Give variables for text fields

In this way, we can create a username and password using Articulate Storyline. In my next blog, I will explain how we can send user information through e-mail. Have anything to say? Please do share.

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