Button State’s Interactivity using Articulate Storyline

Button State’s Interactivity using Articulate Storyline

Button  State’s Interactivity using Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline has the option to add states to objects. Every object, you create, has a default state called Normal.

You can add several built-in states like Hover Down, Selected, Visited, and Disable to an object. But, a default button has all these states (except selected state). You have the option to edit or delete the states according to your requirements. On a button, these states can be shown with different colors to identify the difference between the button states.

I would like to explain you about the states interactivity which can be done without using triggers. This interactivity can be done using the Hover and Selected states.

  1. Hover State
  2. Selected State

Hover State: Hover state is the state of the button where a user can feel the difference when the he moves the mouse over a button or an object. We can use the Hover state for interactivity by the following process.

Step 1: Add a button and add states to it.

Add state

Step 2: In order to add interaction to the button, add the content to the hover state, so that when the user hovers on the button, the content appears.

Hover state

The content appears only when the user moves the mouse over the button or an object.


When user removes the pointer from the button, the content disappears from the screen.

Selected State: The selected state is present in the button states. The basic interactivity can also be done using the Selected state.

Step 1: Add the selected state to the button that is created.

Ading selected state

Selected state

Step 2: Add content to the selected state.

Adding selected

The content appears on the screen, only if the user clicks on the button. To close the content, the user must click the button again. And then, click the other button.

Select state

These are the simple steps for creating interactivity using states of an object. They can be created without using triggers.

I hope you find this blog useful. Do share your views.

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