Creating PowerPoint Slide Master for Rapid E-Learning Course Development

Creating PowerPoint Slide Master for Rapid E-Learning Course Development

When you develop your eLearning courses using Articulate Studio and Adobe Presenter, you need to develop in PowerPoint.To save time, while developing in PowerPoint, the first thing you have to do is create a Slide Master.By using the Slide Master, we can easily customize slide layouts as per the content requirement and reuse them. Using this feature, we can quickly update themes like font colors, styles and sizes in your eLearning presentation. For example, there are 100 slides in a presentation and if you want to update themes such as font size, stylesand colors, then we should go to the Slide Master and update the Slide Layouts, so that the changes will be applied to the entire presentation, and we need not update each slide.

Here, I would like to share how to create the Slide Master

Creating the Slide Master:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation
  • Select the View tab from the Ribbon
  • Click the Slide Master option. Every presentation will have at least one default Slide Master and we can create multiple Slide Masters as per the requirement.

 Creating the slidemaster

  • Now, you can modify the slide layouts by aligning and formatting text boxes to change font styles, colors and sizes.
  • Create custom layouts based on the content of the elearning presentation. We can format text colors, font styles and sizes. A lso, we can format tables and create/ design objects the way we want. Furthermore, we can create and set animations for titles and images globally in the Slide Master, so that they are applied to all slides in the entire elearning presentation.

Once you have completed formatting the slide layouts, you can re-use them whereever you want.

Using the slide layouts in your presentation:

  • Exit the Slide Master to apply the appropriate slide layout to the slides.
  • Right Click on the slide and select the Layout that fits your requirement.

Slidelayouts in presentation

Thus, we can create the Slide Master and use it for developing eLearning courses. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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