Creating the Branching Scenario using Lectora Inspire

Creating the Branching Scenario using Lectora Inspire

Creating the Branching Scenario using Lectora Inspire

Branching is one of the commonly used navigation scenario in an eLearning course. It is very easy to create branchings in Lectora tool. Let’s see the steps to create them.

Step 1: Create a new page where the branching is required

  • Right Click in any slide> New> Click on page

Click on Page

Step 2: Import the buttons where the user needs to click to navigate to the next slides.

  • Go to Home tab > Click on Add Object> Click on Add Button.

Click on Add Object

Step 3:. Create the action to the button.

  • Right click on the button> Add action Or Select the button and press CTRL+4

Add Action

Step 4:. Specify the Action

  • Where the user needs to navigate after clicking the button.

Navigate after Clicking the Button

Step 5:. Import the next and back buttons separately in the sub-slide.(Without using the global buttons)

Import Next and Back Button Separately

Step 6: Inherit the Global next and back from the sub slides.

  • Click on Properties tab>Select Inherit

Select Inherit

Step 7: Create an action  for the next button of the last slide in the branching to redirect the user to the branching slide (Parent slide)

Create an Action

Step 8: Create a variable in the last sub slide of the branching with its initial value 0.

Step 9: Create an action with the help of the variable which has been created previously.

  • Show>Modify variable>select the variable in the target>set equal to> value: 1

Select the Variable in the Target

Step 10:. Import a visited state image or an icon to the parent slide, with the initially Hidden checked. By this we can help the user know which branching he has completed.Import a Visited State Image

Step 11: Create an action with the condition in the parent slide to show the visited state.

  • Show>Show>Select the visited icon or image> and create the condition

Create the Condition

  • Select the variable which  was created in the sub-slide>Equal to>1

Select the Variable Created in SubSlide

This is how the branching scenario can be created in Lectora, and can be customized as per the requirements  such as  next and back functionality, user restrictions etc.Let me know if you have tried this and if so, please share your thoughts on it.

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