How to Create 100,000 Users Accounts in LMS?

How to Create 100,000 Users Accounts in LMS?

How tO Create 100,000 Users Accounts in LMS

Adding a new user is quite simple with Moodle LMS, but problems crop up when you have to add thousands or hundreds of users. We cannot keep on adding users one by one, it might take some months to upload thousands of users. Don’t worry; there is a simple and an easy way to upload thousands of users into the LMS. Let us see how to do that.

As LMS administrators, we can add a user but when it comes to adding a large number of users, we have an option in Moodle to upload bulk users.

First, we need to make a list of users to be uploaded into the LMS, and that sheet should be saved in the delimiter comma format i.e. csv format because Moodle accepts only .csv format files for uploading users.

Only the admin has the access to add or upload user/users. Login as admin, select Site administration->Users->accounts-> upload users.

upload users

Load the file either by choosing a file or directly drag and drop the file into the box.

Encoding should be in UTF-8, and then click Upload users. All users will be uploaded; check once and click Upload users.

This helps you save a lot of time in adding users as well as reduce your work load. But make sure that the sheet should be in .csv format. Make sure that each Column in the sheet matches with the columns in the LMS. You can first export the user list (even if it empty) to check the format you want. Then fill your users’ details as per the sheet.

You will encounter an error if you try to load a file, which is not in the .csv format. Before uploading we have Force Password Change option to allow users to change their default password when they log in for the first time.

It is also possible to add a user in a particular group, and you can assign the same course to all users at a time.

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