Creating Navigation Restriction in Articulate Storyline: Method III

Creating Navigation Restriction in Elearning Course Uisng Articulate Storyline

Creating Navigation Restriction in Articulate Storyline: Method III

In my previous blogs we saw how to create navigation restrictions for a normal slide. But creating navigation restrictions for an interactive slide is different. And today in this blog we will see how to do that.

Step 01

Insert 2 slides with some an interactivity in the first slide.

Insert two slides

Step 02

Click on the Manage Project Variables button.

Manage Project Variables

Step 03

Click the Create a new variable button.

Create a new variable

Step 04

Create a True/False variable with a desired name and value False.

click ok

Click OK when you are done creating the variable.

Step 05

Click the Create a new trigger button.

Create a new trigger

Step 06

Adjust the variable as shown in the below screenshot. This will convert the variable to True when the state of all the tabs on the slide changes to visited state.


Click OK when you are done adjusting the variable.

Step 07

Now, double click on the trigger that has been assigned to the next button.

Double click on the trigger

Step 08

Click on show conditions.

Show conditions

Step 09

Click on Add new condition.

Add new condition

Step 10

Add condition as shown in the screenshot below.

Add condition


This trigger with the added condition will restrict the navigation for the learner until all the tabs on the slides have been visited. Click OK.

Now, preview the slides and check the functionality.

You can even add an alert instruction that would ask the learner to completely view the slide before navigating to the next slide incase he tries to navigate without completing the activity.

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