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Creating Flashing Bulb Effect in Articulate Storyline

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Creating Flashing Bulb Effect in Articulate Storyline

One of my colleagues was working on a course in Articulate Storyline software where he wanted to create a flashing light effect. He had an image of the bulb that is “on” and an image of it “off”. He wanted the light to be blinking until the timeline ended. How does he alternate between the two images until the end of the timeline to show such effect?

The following steps help you to create such effects.

Here we have two images: LED “off” image and LED ”on” image.

Step 1: Take an LED “off” image and place it in a base layer.


Step 2: Take a new layer(layer 1) with timeline duration of “two” seconds and insert an LED “on” image. Also set the start time for this image to one second.

insert an LED “on” image

Step 3: To set the start time of an image, follow this process:

  • Select the object in the timeline and right click on it.
  • Then a window will appear and click on “timing
    Click on “timing
  • A “timing” window will appear and then set the start time to “one” second.

Set the start time to “one” second

Step 4: Then add triggers in the layer(layer1) such as this one: “Hide this layer when the layer timeline ends” and also add a trigger like this: “Show a layer 1 when the layer timeline ends”

Add triggers

Step 5: Now add the triggers in the base layer as follows:

Show layer(layer 1) when timeline starts and Hide layer(layer 1) when timeline ends.

Add the triggers in the base layer

Step6: Publish the course and check your output.

In this way, we can create a flashing effect using Articulate Storyline software tool. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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