3 Steps to Create Customized Drag&Drop with Random Answers in Storyline

3 Steps to Create Customized Drag&Drop with Random Answers in   Storyline

Three Steps to Create Customized Drag and Drop with Random Answers in Storyline

Drag-and-drop is one of the most interesting interactivities used in eLearning courses. Articulate Storyline is a tool of choice for many eLearning developers to create such interactivities. But sometimes, the default drag-and-drop interactivities in Articulate Storyline may not satisfy our requirements.

For example, consider the typical drag-and-drop interactivity shown below.


The answers for the option 1 is A and AA. For option 2 is B and BB.

If the learner drags A to position 1, AA to position 2 and B to position 3 ,BB to position 4, then the default pop up of the answer feedback was “Correct answer”. But if A was dragged to position 2 and AA to position 1, then it would show the feedback as a wrong answer but the answer is correct.

In this blog, I will explain the steps to avoid such.

  • Initially design you drag and drop by writing options as per your requirement.
  • Now place a rectangle patch on option 1 (i.e., position 1 and position 2) and option 2 areas (i.e., position 1 and position 2).
  • Drag the transparency from 0 to 100%. Name them as top and bottom patches, as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Now go to the setting of drag and drop and set top to A and AA and bottom to B and BB as shown in the screenshot below.


Here is the video.

[jwplayer mediaid=”35050″ width=”540″ height=”350″]

This is a simple way to customize the drag-and-drop interactivity in Articulate Storyline.

i hope you find it useful. Please do share your thoughts.

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