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Can adding Narrations to Classroom PPTs and Publishing Online Give You eLearning Course?

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There are many misconceptions about what eLearning is. One of them is that in order to create an eLearning course, you just need to convert PowerPoint presentations to video by adding audio narrations to the PowerPoint slides. Once the narration is synched into PowerPoint slides, it is published using any authoring tool – and that is called an eLearning course! After that, all you just have to do is upload it on to an LMS. Some call it Level 1 of eLearning. However, is it what eLearning is all about?

What people do not realize is that PowerPoint presentations used during instructor-led training programs cannot automatically become eLearning courses. Why is it so? During instructor-led training, the instructor is at the fore front driving the training program. The instructor shares his knowledge and expertise & is physically present to interact and answer any learner queries. The PowerPoint slides merely supplement the two-way knowledge exchange process where there is a lively interaction between instructor and learners. PowerPoint presentations in the absence of an instructor will not be able to stand by itself as a comprehensive instructional material.

To make an ILT course into effective elearning solution, we need to have a thorough analysis of learners and the content. Follow a robust instructional approach and follow the learning cycle.

Elearning can be used prior to the classroom session as a prerequisite or can be used post classroom as a refresher to the classroom training.


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