Convert PowerPoint into Interactive E-learning Using Adobe Presenter

Convert PowerPoint into Interactive E-learning Using Adobe Presenter

One of our clients in the manufacturing sector had a requirement of converting their PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses by adding audio narrations to the PowerPoint slides and publishing them in an authoring tool. Many organizations think in a similar way and do not realize that PowerPoint presentations used during instructor-led training programs cannot automatically turn into eLearning courses just by adding audio narrations to it.

One should know that during instructor-led training, the instructor shares his knowledge and expertise, interacts with learners and answers their queries. It’s a two-way process where the PowerPoint presentations supplement the process and in no way can a presentation be converted into eLearning by just adding audio narrations.

So, in order to convert the PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses, we have to use certain instructional design strategies. We have to redesign the presentation by setting learning objectives, filling content gaps, organizing content and adding scenarios, case studies and interactive quizzes to make the course engaging for learners in a self-paced environment. The rapid authoring tool that we have selected to develop the eLearning course for our client is Adobe Presenter.

Adobe Presenter can convert PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning courses. It is easy to add interactions, characters and scenes to the PowerPoint presentations to make it compelling and interactive to learners. It also provides a sleek and user-friendly navigation user interface (UI) to convert presentations into professional-looking eLearning courses.

Here are some simple steps for converting your PowerPoint presentations into engaging eLearning course using Adobe Presenter that gets installed as a plugin in Microsoft power point:

1. Open the presentation you want to convert in Microsoft PowerPoint. You will have the Adobe presenter tab there as highlighted below. You may make the necessary changes to the presentation here. Here you can

Adobe presenter tab there as highlighted below

a.) Add Interactivities: Here you can edit the content and add interactivities such as FAQ, Circle Matrix, Process Circle, Click on tab, Pyramid Matrix, Pyramid Stack and others.

Add Interactivities

b.) Use avatars: If you need to create a story or add a scenario, you can use avatars or characters to represent it more effectively in the course.

Use avatars

c.) Add themes: Depending on the content or scenario (you choose to create) you can add themes to the presentation to make the course more appealing to learners.

Add themes

d.) Import videos: Using real videos is an effective strategy that makes learners remember content for a longer duration.

Import videos

2. Adding voice-overs to slides, synchronizing the audio with the slide animations and editing the audio are easy with Adobe Presenter.

a.) To import and edit audio, click on the Import icon.

import and edit audio

b.) Then a window pops up; now you can import the audio slide-wise by clicking on the Browse tab.

Importing audio slide-wise

c.) After the importing, click OK.

Click OK

d.) The presentation may have some animation for which the audio should be in sync with the animation. For this there is a Sync button through which you can synchronize audio according to the animation.

sync with the animation

e.) You can also edit the audio to remove any noises and disturbances by clicking Edit option. (Highlighted in red)

Edit the audio to remove any noises and disturbances

3. Finally, you can Publish the course in the AICC or SCORM format, which enables you to track your learner’s progress.


One thing you ought to remember is converting your PowerPoint slides by just inserting audio and adding interactive quizzes cannot be said as an eLearning course. Treating content with effective instructional-design strategies, adult-learning principles and accordingly using interactivities makes an effective eLearning course. One of the best tools to develop eLearning courses from PowerPoint presentations in an economical way is Adobe Presenter.

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