Get Your Legacy E-Learning Modules Converted into HTML5!

Get Your Legacy E-Learning Modules Converted into HTML5!

Technology continues to change; your old eLearning courses need to keep pace with the new requirements. You may have a library of eLearning courses that was developed over a period of time. These courses might have been carefully designed and developed using Flash or other authoring tools, which were popular at that time. A lot of effort, time and money might have gone into the development of these courses.

However, do they work on latest browsers and mobile devices? Many of these courses may not work on devices such as iPads, iPhones or Smartphones as they are not compatible with current technology. They may also not run on the latest versions of browsers. As a result, such well-designed courses will end up having limited reach, and they will be relegated to cold storage resulting in a real waste of investment!

Don’t let that investment go waste. You can make these courses compatible with mobile devices such as iPads, Smartphones or tablets by getting them converted into the HTML 5 format. CommLab has helped many organizations rejuvenate their legacy eLearning courses in this manner.

This year CommLab is celebrating its 14th year as a leading eLearning development organization. As a part of our anniversary celebrations, CommLab is offering to convert the first 20 minutes of a legacy eLearning curriculum into HTML5 for a special price. An organization can avail this offer if it is interested in converting their legacy curriculum to HTML5 compatible format.

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