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Convert Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5: Make Them Mobile-friendly

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Convert Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5: Make Them Mobile-friendly

A few years ago, e-learning courses had a particular format and style. They were developed using Adobe Flash and other legacy authoring tools and lasted close to 60mins. A good deal of effort, money and time went into developing these e-learning courses. Their content is still relevant today. But, there is only one problem. Employees work longer hours away from their desks. They have moved on to using mobile devices, iPads and tablets. These legacy courses, though relevant, have few takers as  they can’t be accessed through mobile devices. So, what do you do?

Simple, you can refurbish the legacy e-learning courses and make them compatible with mobile devices. As a result, you take the training to the place where your learners are – mobile devices. Make it easily accessible for learners, and provide them better learning experiences.

How do you do it? Download the eBook titled, “Migrating Legacy E-learning Courses to HTML5″. It will tell you all you need to do to get started to make your legacy e-learning courses mobile-friendly. Download the free resource now and recycle your old e-learning courses and make them good as new.

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