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How to Control the Player Settings from the Published Files in Articulate Storyline?

Written By Satish Kumar Viyyapu

How to Control the Player Settings from the Published Files in Articulate Storyline

Many eLearning developers have a tough time changing the GUI features of existing online courses , if the source files are not available. But, you can change the GUI of courses developed using articulate storyline without the source files.

Here, I would like to share with you how to change the colors, font-size and default text of player buttons and controls. We will also see how to enable/disable player options like logo, search box, resources, seek bar, replay, glossary, next, previous, submit buttons, etc. from the published files, even if the source files are not available. This is also very useful in a situations, where the size of the source file is large, and it takes more time to open, make changes, save and publish.

 1. Go to the path Publish-folder/story_content/frame.xml. in story_content folder.

Story content files

 To Enable/Disable Player Options :


This can be done by changing the true/false values in the code to enable/disable corresponding options.

Enable or Disable Logo

We can also replace the logo i.e change the logo by replacing it with a new logo using Logo.swf file and can change the height and width of the default logo dimensions.

Logo properties


Title enabled

 Auto Numbering: 

Auto numbering

 In the same way, we can control all Player options. Here a few options, listed below.

Other options

 To enable Enable/Disable Player Controls: 

Change the values of the properties mentioned below to true/false to enable/disable corresponding Controls.


Volume control properties

Previous Button:

Previous button properties

Next Button:

Next Button Properties

In the same way, we can control all the controls of Player. Refer the controls listed below.

Other controls

Default Text: We can replace the default text on or names of buttons with the text of our choice very easily.

Make sure you are overwritng correct content at the correct place before getting started.

Changing defualt text

 We can change the Titles of individual slides and Scenes from the frame.xml file.

Changing individual slide title in menu

Changing scene name in menu

 We can also change the Browser title of the course, by placing a new title in <title> tag of Story.html file.

Changing browser title

It is highly recommended not to disturb the code if you are not aware of Markup Language. This may completely damage your GUI.

Finally, you are now able to control the player without the source file of your eLearning course. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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