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How to Control Audio in Articulate Storyline?

Written By Anil Kumar

How to Control Audio  in Articulate Storyline?

You may have two or more audio files on your slide and want it to be played, paused or stopped,depending on the user’s clicks. In Articulate Storyline, when audio is inserted, it starts playing from the moment the timeline starts. So, how to control it according to user’s action.

Here, I would like to share how to control audio in Articulate Storyline slides. In this tool, we have three types of default media control features. They are:

Media control features

1. Play Media helps us control audio on the slide. We find the play media options in the trigger options.

Types of media control

After selecting Play media, select the media that are inserted in the slide and select the action required to play the audio.

Play media

This is the play media process of controlling a slide.

2. Pause Media can be used to pause the audio, when the user clicks another object on the slide.

Pause media

3. Stop Media is used to stop the audio, when the user clicks another tab or another object.


This is the process of controling audio in Articulate Storyline. Have any thing to say? Please do share!

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