Content Best Suited for mLearning

Content Best Suited for mLearning

Content Best Suited for mLearning

Mobile devices are very useful for learning largely because of the mobility and flexibility they offer individuals. Learners can learn anytime and at any location making use of any unexpected free time such as in airport lounges or time between meetings. Learning can take place spontaneously without the learners having to worry about the access to a computer or the internet. This feature that is possible through mLearning, makes it particularly beneficial when assistance or knowledge sharing is essential in certain situations.

Process information: In organizations which follow elaborate processes, mLearning can be effectively used to train and remind staff about the mandatory requirements. For example, in sectors such as insurance or banking, there is a lot of mandatory paperwork that needs to be completed once a customer agrees to take an insurance policy or a customer has been sanctioned a loan. If the mandatory requirements are saved in the form of an mLearning module that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by the executives, it would be most beneficial for them in their jobs.

Product updates: Organizations update and launch new products frequently. Having this information deployed in the form of small byte-sized mLearning snippets for the sales and service staff would be most efficient in terms of reach and delivery time. Here, content that needs to be shared is brief but vital for the employees in the organization and mLearning would be the most suitable medium for sharing such information.

Product demonstrations: In certain industries such as specialized and high tech industries where it may not always be possible for the sales person to physically carry the product, having a demonstration of the product handy would be of immense help to generate the initial interest in the product. It could also be helpful for sales or service engineers who need to keep themselves updated about the way the products function.

Industry-specific information and statistics: Employees sometimes need to be informed about the developments in their industry and there is no better way to provide them such information than through their mobile devices. Relevant information, if provided directly to them could be beneficial in their jobs. They do not have to search for this information on their own which may be time consuming.

Content for mobile learning has to be more relevant catering to the needs of learners at any given point of time. What is unique is the ease with which learners can access the information more than once, in case they need to review what they have learnt. Such information is accessed for a specific purpose and would be used immediately. Therefore, content for mLearning should be geared towards providing just-in-time learning. It is best suitable for situations where knowledge needs to be applied instantly.

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