How Can You Communicate with Your Distributors through Mobile Apps?

How Can You Communicate with Your Distributors through Mobile Apps?

One of our customers faced a similar problem. To overcome the problem, we suggested the use of a simple mobile app which we developed in a couple of weeks. The challenges we had to surmount in the development of the app were:

  1. Security of confidential information
  2. Creation of user accounts and one time registration
  3. Dispatch of the latest news and document updates
  4. Document management system.

To address these challenges, we held a couple of discussions with the customer. In these discussions, we explained how we were going to create an app. The discussions helped us execute this project smoothly.

1. Security of confidential information

To provide security, the app will check the status of the user account each time while opening and allow only the authorized users to access news and documents.

2. Creation of user accounts and one time registration

When a new user launches the app, it will ask the user to fill the registration form and submit it for approval. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the user. Also, a notification will be sent to the administrator who can see the user details and confirm the account. Once the account has been created, an email will be sent to the user informing him of the same.

If the user opens the app, after the successful registration of his account, it will validate the status and help him navigate to the documents page. The user need not login each time because the app will automatically do it in the background.  The administrator can also suspend or delete the user account, so that the user cannot access the latest documents or news.

3. Dispatch of latest news and dynamic updates

Our customer wants to update his documents frequently and provide the latest news to all registered users.  So, we have created an online application which will get synchronized with the app and display the latest documents and news. Users are not required to update the app. They just need an internet connection to see the latest news and uploaded documents.

We have included push notification features, which allow the administrator to send unlimited notifications to the registered devices. This will help users to see the latest news without opening the app.

4. Document management system

We have developed an online application which helps the administrator manage users as well as documents. The administrator can upload the document and preview it before releasing. The information in the documents – title, screenshot, description and content can be edited very easily. After updating the documents, users can view them immediately on the app.

I recommend the use of the mobile app technology to reach your distributors and channel partners whenever you want to disseminate the latest information. Hope you find this post informative. Do share your views.

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