How to Implement Chat Rooms into LMS for Collaborative Learning?

How to Implement Chat Rooms into LMS for Collaborative Learning?

How to Implement Chat Rooms into LMS for Collaborative Learning?

Collaborative learning is one of the important and basic strategies for online trainings. There are many tools available, in both synchronous and asynchronous communication. Collaborative learning tools such as chat, messaging, wiki, forums, blogs are available in most of the Learning Management Systems.

In this particular blog, I will talk about Chat tool.I assume that your LMS also has this tool available. Chat may help the learners to learn in a real-time environment. They can immediately contact online available trainers and get the clarification. Chat will not only help communication between trainer and the learner, but also ease communication between other learners too.

You may set two types of chat in the LMS.

1. One-to-one chat

2. Group chat

In one-to-one chat there will be communication between two users. They may chat directly and no other user can participate or view, their chat messages. This type of chat is used to communicate between learner and instructor, where learner can ask questions and get the response from the instructor immediately.

In Group chat, you may create multiple chat rooms and give permission to selected group of users, to participate. This type of chat may be used between learners, where they can discuss a particular topic and may share their learning. Learners from the same group can see all the chat messages and learn from it

Setting up chat activity in LMS is similar to other activities, it requires some administrative work to create and manage chat rooms. You may create any number of chat rooms and give access to respective user groups to participate and learn from each other. Chat rooms will provide access restriction between various groups.

The entire chat messages history can be saved and read whenever needed. Chat tools may be utilized well for product training, where distributors or sales team may ask quick questions to the product specialist and get clarification. Chat may be used in addition to classroom or eLearning trainings, which will help the learners to get clarification on real time questions.

Are you using this tool for the collaborative learning? If not, you may explore this feature for collaborative learning.

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