From Classroom Training to eLearning and Mobile Learning

From Classroom Training to eLearning and Mobile Learning

From Classroom Training to eLearning and Mobile Learning

We’ve seen the evolution of training from classroom trainings to eLearning. And now mLearning has entered the scene with all its unique benefits. If you look at each delivery format closely, you can see that each of them is ideal for meeting unique needs.

Where face-to-face interactions are critical, for instance, in a training on negotiation skills for instance, classroom training is ideal.

When there is a need to deliver training worldwide on certain standard content such as product training, sales process training, and the audience is dispersed globally, eLearning is the best suited mode. Additionally, now there is the need to be able to access training on the go, that is, on the field, and this is where mLearning steps in to meet that need. M-learning is beneficial in delivering job aids in the form of info graphics and in sending alerts or reminders of key points that are critical while the employee is on the job. It can depict a certain procedure that needs to be followed on the job and also serve as a checklist for an employee to ensure that all steps of a process have been completed.

But you can also see that no delivery format is really replacing another. Rather, they all can be deployed to offer complete and comprehensive training solutions that address every area of need.

One major differentiator between ILT and eLearning is that training is typically disseminated from one central platform (whether classroom or training portal) to employees worldwide. With mLearning, the scope widens to include just about any channel, including learning through social media and other informal means. With user-generated content and collaborative learning being the buzz words today, learning no longer is “one to many” as it has traditionally been in the past, but is now “many to many”. Today, users can engage in collaborative learning and share content with their entire group.

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