Preparing Classroom Session Using Moodle Face-To-Face plug-in

Preparing Classroom Session Using Moodle Face-To-Face plug-in

Virtual classroom training refers to the mode of training where employees and trainers interact in an online mode through a web based application. The Face-to-Face plugin for Moodle, an open source LMS, allows you to manage class room sessions.

Let’s now see how to set up classroom session on Moodle LMS.


This activity module is not available in Moodle by default. It is an additions plugin for Moodle LMS, you can download it from Moodle website: face-to-face.

  1. Unzip the face-to-face downloaded file.
  2. Then place the extracted folder on your LMS “mod” folder.
  3. And next click on the notification link under system administration from the administration block. Ex: administration à Site administration à Notification.

Setup classroom session:

Step 1 : Create a new classroom training course.

Step 2 : Before setting up the classroom session you should click on the “turn editing” button.

Step 3 : Now add the face-to-face activity in the course.

Step 4 : Select the face-to-face to activity from the drop-down activity menu.

Step 4

Here are some important settings, you need to consider before setting up the classroom session.

  1. General settings
  2. Calendar options settings
  3. Request messages settings
  4. Confirmation messages settings
  5. Remainder messages settings
  6. Waited list messages settings
  7. Cancelation messages settings

These settings are very important when you create classroom session trainings. Let’s look about each of these settings

General settings:

  • Name : Enter name of the classroom session.
  • Description : Here type a brief summary about the classroom session.
  • Third-party email address : This is an optional field, you can specify the email address of a third-party like external trainer
  • Notify third-party about wait-listed sessions : When a learner signs up for a classroom session an email notification will be sent to the third party person.
  • Sessions displayed on course page : Choose the number of sessions for each activity that will be shown on the course main page.
  • Approval required : With this setting a manager can approve learner’s sign-up requests for the course

Calendar options settings: 

In calendar settings you have

  • Course : If you select this option, classroom events will be displayed on the course calendar for all the enrolled users.
  • Site : If you select this option, calendar events will be displayed on site level. This means users can see the events anywhere in the site.
  • None : If you select “none” option, the event will be displayed only to the users who are confirmed by the training manager. This is can enabled when you select “show on users” option in calendar.

Request messages settings:

When learner request for the classroom session through the calendar, an email notification will be sent to the training manager for approval

Confirmation messages settings:

The training manager can approve the sign-up request and a confirmation email will go to the respective learner.

Remainder messages settings:

Before the classroom session a reminder message will be sent to the learners.

Waited list messages settings:

A mail will be sent to the registrants who are wailisted for the classroom session

Cancelation messages settings:

When the classroom session is cancelled a l notification will be sent to users about the cancellation of the event. After settings are done, click on the “Save and return course” button.

Step 1:

Now you can add the sessions by clicking on the activity link


Step 2 :

Create a new classroom session by clicking on the “add a new session” link

Step 2

Step 3 :

Now you can add the sessions by clicking on the activity link. Fill all the classroom session details in the form.

Step 3

Step 4 : 

After filling the form then click on “save changes” button to create the session.

Step 4

Step 5 :

If you want the upcoming classroom sessions to be displayed at the course level, then you should add the upcoming events block and calendar block on the course page.

Upcoming Events :

This block shows as all the upcoming face-to-face events on every course page when you add the Upcoming events block on course page

Step 5

Calendar block:

When you add the calendar block on course page, all the sessions will be highlighted on the calendar. When the user hovers over the date highlighted, details of the event will be displayed.

calender block

Learners can sign-up the session:

  1. When the user hovers over a particular session, details of the events will be displayed allowing the learner to sign-up for the event.


  1. When learner signs-up for the session, details of the manager or instructor details should be added to the learner’s profile. Otherwise learners can’t sign-up
  1. After clicking on the “sign-up” option, an email notification will be sent to the learner’s manager
  1. Concerned manager can approve request, simultaneously a confirmation mail will be sent to the learner.

 This way you can set up classroom sessions in Moodle, any doubts about the plug in or the setting, please drop a comment in the comment box.

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