Choosing The Right eLearning Partner – 5 Aspects to Consider

Choosing The Right eLearning Partner – 5 Aspects to Consider

Choosing The Right eLearning Partner - 5 Aspects to Consider

How could you choose the right partner to develop highly effective online courses that are efficient in meeting your company’s learning needs?

Outsourcing the development of corporate learning programs helps companies concentrate on their core business activities. Choosing the right vendor helps companies train their employees better, and better training leads to better performance.

Managers need to focus on 5 aspects of an eLearning vendor before selecting the right partner. They are as follows:


Is the vendor a training and learning company? Do they specialize in learning technologies? Do they have an in-house team of instructional designers (IDs)?

It is very essential to choose a vendor with proven expertise in providing corporate training solutions because they have the experience and capabilities to efficiently cater to the learning needs of the organization.

Competent use of learning technologies plays a vital role in the development of an effective eLearning solution. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a firm that has personnel adept in their usage. It is important to choose a vendor that has an in-house team of IDs. It is easier to coordinate with in-house teams and better coordination goes a long way in ensuring success of the eLearning project.


Has the vendor provided learning solutions to Fortune companies? Could it efficiently work with global audiences who speak several languages and work in different time-zones?

It is advisable to select organizations that have catered to the training needs of Fortune 500 companies because they possess the ability to deliver effective eLearning solutions in multiple languages to satisfy the requirements of learners with varied cultural backgrounds.

It is also necessary to ensure that the vendor is comfortable working in different time zones.This goes a long way in facilitating hassle-free communication.



Have you conducted reference checks on prospective vendors? Have you sought samples from them?

Performing reference checks on potential vendors is very important because a bad eLearning service provider could hurt your interests. Seeking samples of e-courses from vendors helps you get a first-hand feel of their competence and evaluate them better. It is essential to select the right firm – that could serve you competently and is trustworthy.

Project management and processes

Have you enquired about the project management capability of the vendor? Does it have a clear-cut production process in place?

A highly streamlined production process and strong project management play a pivotal role in the success of an eLearning project.Efficient project management communication results in effective reviews of work and well-defined QA processes ensure that you get the right learning solution.

Cost and time considerations

What is the cost of the eLearning solution? Can it be delivered within the desired time-frame?

It is important to choose a vendor that could provide the online learning solution within the budget of your organization and stipulated time because projects delivered on time, on budget efficiently serve the learning needsof your organization.

Selection of a competent eLearning provider results in efficient training of your workforce leading to enhanced levels of productivity. What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us.

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