Key to Identifying the Right E-learning Tool

Key to Identifying the Right E-learning Tool

Key to Identifying the Right E-learning Tool

Choosing the right tool, to develop an e-learning course is as important as making the right move to win the game. Yes, it is crucial to identify the correct e-learning tool, before developing the course. We have to consider client requirements such as time-lines, end-users, costs etc, before deciding on the tool. Knowing the limitations of the tool is also an important factor, for making a choice. Use of graphics and videos, to support the content in the course should also be taken into consideration. There are various authoring tools available for developing an e-learning course.

Authoring tools such as Articulate, Captivate6, Lectora and Adobe Presenter take lesser time to develop a course and are highly recommended for rapid e-learning development requirements.


The courses can be developed faster, and the interface is organized to be used by simple clicks; engage slides (Click-on-tabs, Timelines, Rollovers, Slide-shows, Hot spots, Quiz) can be easily developed. Also, with these tools, we can develop highly animated course content. The interface can also be customized, according to client requirements. Engage slides (Click-on-tabs, Timelines, Rollovers, Slide-shows, Hot Spots, Quiz) can be developed without requiring any knowledge of coding. In addition, the course could be developed in Semitic languages like Hebrew or Arabic, easily.


Only in-built components and predefined options can be used, limiting options for customization. At times, developers have to compromise with available templates and these tools in the hands of poor developer can produce an ineffective and boring course

To develop a customized course with traditional tools like flash requires technical skills and consumes lot of time, whereas to develop a course using authoring tools requires no technical skills and can quickly produce an eLearning course. Though you have many tools in the market to develop an eLearning course, it is always advisable to outsource your eLearning projects since your SME is hired for his subject knowledge and not for his developing skills.

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