3 Aspects to Consider Before Choosing an E-learning Development Tool

3 Aspects to Consider Before Choosing an E-learning Development Tool

It is well-known that the choice of the right rapid authoring tool adds value to your organization by helping you deliver online training at reduced costs. But then comes the big question – how do you zero in on the best eLearning development software that can meet your training needs affectively? Well here are 3 tips to help.

1. Choose tools that are easy to learn and use

This is a very important aspect in the selection of the right rapid authoring tool. You need to select a tool that has an intuitive and familiar Graphical User Interface (GUI). This goes a long way in reducing the learning curve and also helps your people to work effectively. A fine example of online course development software that is simple to use is Storyline. This tool from Articulate comes with a very easy-to-use interface and anyone familiar with this PowerPoint can use the tool with little effort. You may also consider tools that come in as add-ins to PowerPoint such as Adobe Presenter and iSpring Solutions iSpring Suite, depending on your needs.

2. Check users references

Users references are very useful to verify the tall claims made by the vendors of rapid authoring tools. They help you get the “actual user information” on important aspects of the eLearning development software such as ease of customization and prompt support. It is well-said that if a client is unhappy he tells 10 people and if he is happy he tells just one. So, consult the users of a tool before you buy it.

3. Get a first-hand feel of the product

It’s a good idea to try the trial version of the tool before spending considerable sums on acquiring the license to use it. In most cases, vendors present a canned version of their product that gives you a first-hand feel of its capabilities. However, you need to make sure that the rapid authoring software is tested on a system configuration that is identical to the one used by your staff. This is useful to avoid nasty surprises. For example, the screens may be displayed very well in a particular browser, but the same may not be the case in the browser used by your people.

On the other hand, it takes considerable time and effort to select the right rapid authoring software. You can avoid this trouble by outsourcing the development of your online course to a third-party vendor. A reputed offshore eLearning development company can develop courses at least 35 to 45 percent cheaper because you save on licensing fees, manpower costs and other expenditure. Outsourcing also reduces the time taken for developing the course. Furthermore, you can leverage the skills of experienced eLearning professionals. Check out this blog for more on strategic benefits of engaging an offshore eLearning company.

Choosing the right rapid eLearning development tool is critical to the success of your eLearning project. Hope you find the tips listed in this blog useful.

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