Selecting the Right LMS – A Few Useful Tips [Video]

Selecting the right LMS - A Few Useful Tips [Video]

It is common knowledge that a good Learning Management System (LMS) plays a key role in implementing training programs effectively. But, how can you select the best LMS? What are the aspects you need to consider to zero-in on the right LMS that can meet your training management needs in a very efficient manner? Well you need to:

Appoint a selection committee

The LMS of an organization will be used by multiple users such as training managers, instructors, subject-matter experts and learners. So, it is important to form a committee which has good knowledge of the needs of each group of users, to evaluate various LMSs and choose the best.

Develop training management scenarios and ask the vendor to demonstrate these scenarios

It is important to create typical training management scenarios that are likely to deal with in the management of e-learning and classroom training programs. You need to ask the shortlisted vendors to demonstrate how their products work in these scenarios. This goes a long way in determining whether the LMS can meet your unique needs.

For other useful tips to choose the ideal LMS, check out the presentation below.

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