Pros and Cons of Articulate Studio ’09, Lectora, and Adobe Captivate

Pros and Cons of Articulate Studio ’09, Lectora, and Adobe Captivate

Pros and Cons of Articulate Studio '09, Lectora, and Adobe Captivate

Most rapid authoring tools have a mixed range of functionality when it comes to creating interactive and appealing training content. Let’s look at the pros and cons of some authoring tools that eLearning industries are using extensively for converting ILT materials to eLearning courses.

Articulate Studio ’09

  • Excellent Quiz maker.
  • Easy, intuitive navigation.
  • Pages load fast as there is background loading.

On the flip side, the navigation and interactivity is highly restricted, which can hinder learning.


  • Can develop multiple HTML pages simultaneously.
  • Can develop simple interactive elements without the knowledge of either Flash or JavaScript.
  • Can develop multi-lingual courses easily.

The flip side is that the screens load rather slowly as Lectora does not have the facility of background loading.

Adobe Captivate

  • Very good for capturing screen-based simulations.
  • Easy to develop interactive simulations without using Flash.
  • Good collection of assessments.

On the flip side – each screen is considered an image. So, the file size is relatively high, leading to loading issues.

I would be pleased if you can share your experience with using these authoring tools to make eLearning courses better and interesting. Do also share your favorite tips on overcoming the limitations of each of these tools.

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  • IMO you cannot produce good eLearning content with only one application anymore. For this reason I would prefer a comparison of eLearning Suite 2.5 (with Adobe Captivate 5.5 as central app), Lectora Inspire and Articulate Studio. When I did compare those, finally I decided to go with the eLearning Suite for several reasons. Captivate is for me the most complete rapid authoring tool, because it allows a lot more interactivity than Articulate, complex branching and personalised learning is possible (when using the more advanced features), only tool with easy work flow to produce software trainings and assessments. Moreover its roundtripping work flow with great applications like Photoshop, Audition, and its integration with Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Device Central cannot be beaten. Forgot to mention the roundtripping with Powerpoint, where of course Articulate is the champion, but this relying on PPT is for Articulate both positive (easy learning curve) and negative (always presentation based…not the ideal eLearning base for me).