How to Choose an eLearning Partner?

How to Choose an eLearning Partner?

In my last blog Outsourcing eLearning Courseware Development: A Good Solution I had mentioned why outsourcing eLearning courseware is the best option. In this blog I would like to share with you some criteria that help you choose an eLearning partner.

Technical Expertise: Ideally an eLearning partner should have the technical expertise, in Learning Design including Instructional Design. Check out the profiles of their IDs and Learning Design Professionals to judge their competency. Having a competent team with specialized subject knowledge will help make the project productive. Ask for some sample courses. This will help you evaluate their approach and judge their suitability to your requirement.

Existing Clients: Verify the existing client-list that the partner is working with and, if possible, ask for references. If they have good relations with existing clients, a partner may not have difficulty in providing references. It also demonstrates their transparency and seriousness in doing business with you. If your requirement is to create eLearning programs that will be deployed across different geographical regions and languages, make sure the partner is equipped to handle such assignments.

Independent Verification: It is good to make an independent assessment of the partner’s track record. How many projects have they handled so far? How consistent have they been in terms of delivering the content? How many years of experience do they have in the domain. Are their existing clients happy with their services? Answers to these questions will make sure that you enter into partnership with confidence and trust.

Project Management Process: You can request a project management plan along with the proposal. You could assess their project management procedures and the production process, to verify if they are streamlined with adequate checks and balances. Use those providers, who have robust project management strategy, with adequate quality control systems in place.

Pricing: Cost of the course is a major factor to be considered. You can decide the acceptable cost of the eLearning course, based on the competency, skills and turnaround time of the provider. Make sure that you do not incur any hidden costs during the process.

An eLearning partner can become an asset to the learning and development department of any organization, if he understands your requirements and demonstrates the same in the form of his courses.