Checklist For Developing eBooks in EPUB

Checklist For Developing eBooks in EPUB

Checklist For Developing eBooks in EPUB

In my previous blogs, we have seen how to create a simple PDF and convert it to Epub and avoid common errors while designing an Epub, but then how do you make a print-ready InDesign layout to an Epub without having any problems down the road, especially if you’re embarking on this new journey? Let’s see the checklist that you need to consider before converting a PDF to the Epub format.

InDesign File

The most important point to bear in mind while designing an Epub is the version of the InDesign file. This file can be any version say CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 or CC(Creative Cloud). Do not try to open a higher version file in a lower version of the software. You can save the file as a .idml file so that it can be viewed in CS4 and higher versions.

1. CircularFLO Template

This is a template used for designing the pages for an eBook. It can either be a Landscape or a Portrait. As per the options available in the InDesign software, we can change the size of the pages based on client requirements and can also customize the width and height of the page.

We can also change the size and shape of the pages after purchasing the license (In CircularFLO). Size can be measured in millimeters, pixels, etc.

2. Image sizes

Depending on the template selected, the image size will vary. Images should be either in the .png or the .jpg format. However the preferred option would be to have the images in the .jpg format. For a full page size image the ideal measurements are 210 mm × 210 mm for a portrait and 297 mm × 210 mm for a Landscape design. But the most important point to remember is to link the actual image to the images in InDesign files. Or else, it will display an error saying “link missing.”

3. Video format

To develop an interactive eBook, you should include audios and videos. While designing an interactive eBook make sure that all the audios and videos should be in a format that will enable them to be played in all devices like computers, iPads, Phones, eBook Reader, etc. It’s always better to have the audio files in the .mp3 format because most of the devices support mp3. And make sure that the videos are always in the .mp4 format as it supports most of the video players and has good quality Link all audio and video files to their destination folder.

4. Fonts

When designing an Epub, care should be taken when selecting font types because MAC OS supports different types of font types like TrueType Font(ttf) or Opentype Format(eot) or Dfont. We can find all these types of fonts online.

I hope this checklist will serve as a quick reference guide to enable conversion of PDf files to Epub. Do you have any more important points to add to the checklist? Do share them with us.

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