Checklist For Designing A Standard Epub

Checklist For Designing A Standard Epub

Checklist For Designing A Standard Epub

In my previous blogs, we have seen how to create a simple PDF and convert it to Epub. But then how do you embark on this new journey without having any problems down the road? Let’s see the checklist that you need to consider before converting a PDF to the Epub format.

Step 1: Make sure you have an EPUB template ready with correct paragraph styles.

Step 2: Move InDesign data to Epub template by selecting all the pages and then right click to select option Move Pages.

Step 2

A new pop-up will come as shown below

A new pop-up will come

We have to move all pages to Start of the document (Untitled-1) and then click OK. You can see that all the pages have been moved to Epub template file.

We have to move to Start of Document because the first page present in Epub template will be at the end and this will help duplicate the number of pages. As duplicates carry all the styles of the Epub template, it’s better to duplicate pages instead of insertingpages.

Step 3: First rename the page and save Untitled-1 file, and then locate the images and tables ( if any). Anchor them and provide links.

Step 4: If the number of pages moved is not sufficient then you can add pages by duplicating the last blank page.

Note: It’s not mandatory to adjust the gaps between paragraphs as Standard Epub will do it automatically.

Step 5: Make sure that you provide correct paragraph styles which help to create a correct Epub version.

Focus especially on H1 and H2s heading as Epub starts these from a new page and it also includes in table of content.

Step 6: Delete the Table of Content (TOC), and then go to the Layout tag on Menu bar, and then select Table of Contents and a new window will appear.

Delete the Table of Content (TOC)

TOC style should be EPUB TOC, Page number should be No Page Number as page number changes from Land Scape to Portrait view in IPad, and you can change the remaining options as per your requirements. In most cases, we need not change them. Click OK and you will see that the Table of Contents appears automatically.

Note: If you find any issue in TOC, you need to correct it in that particular page. NEVER change anything in TOC.

I hope this checklist will serve as a quick reference guide to enable conversion of PDf files to Epub. Do you have any more important points to add to the checklist? Do share them with us.

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