Interactive Features of Adobe Captivate 7

Interactive Features of Adobe Captivate 7

Interactive Features in Adobe Captivate 7

Adobe Captivate 7 comes with various interactivities, right from the drag and drop interactions, to the incorporation of YouTube videos. Let’s the highlights of various interactive features, which Adobe Captivate 7 offers, for the best eLearning experience.

Drag-and-drop interactions

Make eLearning engaging with drag and drop quizzes that users can access on desktops and iPads. We can choose or customize, from a variety of drag-drop combinations available in this tool, based on what a drop target can accept, reject, or replace with, while providing audio feedback for every user attempt.

With Adobe Captivate 7 you can also create Drag and Drop interactivity that work on PCs and iPads.

Interactive Branching scenarios

With Adobe Captivate, we can create interactive and engaging training content, without complex programming. For a given scenario, you can add buttons, click boxes, text boxes and more elements, and present decision points to the learners, which require a response from them. Each decision can include multiple responses. Each response can have text or audio feedback and the branching to the required slide in a course.

Incorporation of YouTube videos

Adobe Captivate 7 lets you to incorporate YouTube videos into eLearning courses. With this tool you can incorporate all your product training videos, demonstrating the products constituent parts and functionality, from YouTube in your eLearning course.


Multiple Device Compatibility on a Click


Adobe Captivate 7 allows you to publish eLearning and m-Learning, at the same time. It automatically detects learners’ delivery platform (be it a Desktop or a Mobile device) and delivers the appropriate content as per the device.

Presentation Patterns with Captivate 7

This tool has an array of features, which include the best of both traditional and rapid eLearning methods, resulting in highly effective eLearning courses.

Various presentation patterns like hotspots, rollovers, click-on-tabs, time line, numbers, process, slide show, animation etc. are available.

It has inbuilt, instructionally rich templates that help in creating pages with rich text, media and aid in building assessments quickly. These assessments include single select, multiple select, drag and drop, matching, drop down and scenarios. Any template can be inserted and customized the way we want them. Adobe Captivate 7 also allows clickable areas with access to keyboard increasing the ease of use.

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