Adobe Captivate 7 – The New Kid on the Block

Adobe Captivate 7 – The New Kid on the Block

Adobe Captivate 7 - The New Kid on the Block

Adobe Captivate has always just been known as a screen capturing tool. This is an outdated opinion, which was true with the earlier versions. Adobe has now released the newest version, Captivate 7, which can be considered an all round developing tool, for all kinds of eLearning assets. With lots of out-of-the-box features, it can transform a course from ordinary to an interactive, engaging course. In a Elearning Guild survey, respondents voted for Adobe Captivate as most often used Authoring tool.Let’s see what features puts this tool on top and makes it ideal for developing eLearning courses.

Customization Made Easy with Advance Actions

Adobes great new feature called Advance Actions. You can customize these actions, to easily develop an interactive eLearning course that has a customized look and feel. These actions can be used by system and user variables, as also in association with text entry boxes, mathematical expressions, quizzing and widgets. Advanced actions can provide endless possibilities and turn a course from ordinary to interactive.

Inbuilt Enhanced Interactions Library

Adobe Captivate 7 comes with inbuilt Interactivities that help us to save lots of time in designing Interactivities and assigning actions. We can deliver media rich projects with the help of Themes, Characters, Smart Shapes, Smart Learning Interactions, Hangman and Jigsaw temapltes, to create beautiful and out of the box content.

Inbuilt Enhanced Interactions Library

Deliver Media Rich Projects

Adobe Captivate 7 helps us to deliver media rich projects with the help of Themes, Characters, Smart Shapes and most of all, Smart Learning Interactions, to create beautiful and out of the box content.

Shared Advanced Action

This tool now provides several possibilities to reuse/share of advanced actions, not only across many projects, but also within a project

In-course YouTube videos

Captivate 7 another interesting feature that lets you to incorporate YouTube videos into eLearning courses. With this option you can incorporate all your product training videos from YouTube, into your eLearning course.

Multiple Device Compatibility on a Click

Adobe Captivate has publishing options to Flash and HTML5. You can create a same course for both desktop and mobile devices by just publishing the course to HTML5.

Captivate can intelligently detect, whether the learners delivery platform is a Desktop or a mobile device and delivers the right content for the right device.

Multiple Ddevice Compatability Using Captivate 7

Translations for Made Easy With Captivate 7

After you develop the base language course, you can export the Captivate project to XML. You just need to give the XML file to translators, along with source published course for reference, which can help professional translation agencies that use translation memory tool for the text translation. They can import the XML file, translate it and give back the translated XML file. You need to make a copy of a Captivate package, import the translated XML file and all the text will be replaced so you can publish it.

Previously, it was very difficult to develop courses from left to right like Arabic and Hebrew courses. Now Captivate 7 has right-left language support which is a great boon to eLearning course developers.

Translations Made Easy With Captivate 7

Social Learning using Twitter

Now online collaboration is possible using Adobe Captivate enhanced Twitter widget. This will enable learners to converse among themselves or with the author. Learners can now exchange tweets right within a course. They can tweet a question within a specific area of a course. All the conversations can be tracked using the Learning Analytics dashboard.

Tin Can Api

The Tin Can API is an eLearning specification to track learner’s activities. IT can record activities and delivers data that is quantifiable, sharable and trackable.

The Tin Can API can easily track a wide range of learning activities like Simulations,mobile learning, games, virtual worlds, offline learning, collaborative learning.

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