Adobe Captivate for Product Training – Is This A Better Option?

Adobe Captivate for Product Training – Is This A Better Option?

Adobe Captivate For Product Training - Is This A Better Option?

Each day millions of new products are released into the market. Delivering product training to make people aware of these latest products will really go a long way in achieving the proper use of the products. In addition to this, educating customers on products offers many benefits, some of which include the following:


  • Increase Sales
  • Improves quality
  • Promotes the brand
  • Builds loyalty and trust
  • Retains potential customers
  • Creates Product awareness

Training is complete only if the target audiences are sufficiently acquainted with the products. And the training appears appealing to the training takers only if the product training course is effective, interesting and engaging.

Which authoring tool do you think would serve the purpose?

Product training essentially includes showing videos of products, thereby demonstrating their working and functionality. Let’s see how captivate can be a better option for training customers on products.

  • YouTube video streaming: videos are an effective strategy to show the operation of a product. It offers virtual hands on training experience to learners helping them to present the product in their best way.  captivate 7, lets you to incorporate YouTube videos into the eLearning course. With this tool you can incorporate all your product training videos from YouTube to your eLearning course.
  • Aesthetic design and interactive elements: Just by a few clicks, the learning content can be presented aesthetically in interactive elements. We can select from a wide range of interaction elements like pyramid, process cycle, glossary, accordion etc. according to our requirement. We can also easily customize the content and appearance.
  • Easy to create simulations and demonstrations: Adobe captivate can be used to develop Software Simulations for eLearning courses.  Simulations are a great way to demonstrate the working of a product or assembling a product is an  more interesting strategy

It also allows us publish courses on the web and leading SCORM/, AICC compliant LMSs. we can also publish HTML5-based content to mobile devices, iPads and so the product training can be accessed anywhere and everywhere comfortably.

Thus adobe captivate is a better option to train customers on products. Your Suggestions are welcome.

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