How to Create a Jigsaw Puzzle Using Adobe Captivate 7?

How to Create a Jigsaw Puzzle Using Adobe Captivate 7?

Adobe Captivate 7 comes with inbuilt interactivities that help us save time in a big way. We can deliver media rich projects with the help of Themes, Characters, Smart Shapes, Smart Learning Interactions, Hangman and Jigsaw templates. We can create captivating and out-of-the-box content, using this incredible tool from Adobe. In this post, we will see how to create a Jigsaw puzzle using Captivate 7.

Insert Interaction

Open the Captivate project file and select the slide to which you want to add the interaction. Go to the Insert menu from the drop down list and select Interactions option from the Insert dropdown menu.

Insert Interaction

You can see the Select Interaction window, where you can find all the interactions.

Select interaction window

Select Jigsaw Puzzle interaction from the Select Interaction wizard and click Insert button.

Select jigsaw puzzle and click insert button

After inserting the puzzles, a Configure interaction window appears.

Configure interaction window

Here you can see Browse button. Click this button and add the images to make the Jigsaw puzzle interaction. You can select the puzzle size from the Puzzle size Drop-down. Select No. of Pieces (4, 9 or 16) from the Drop-down. Assign time in the Timer option. Varname option is useful to track the interaction.

Click on Browse button and import image.

Click on Browse button and import image

The open window appears. Select the image from the window for which you want to set up jigsaw and click on Open button.

Click on Open button

The image will be uploaded as shown below.

The image is uploaded

Here, you can select the puzzle size, select the no. of pieces and give the time limit. The correct image will appear automatically after the learner fails to complete the puzzle within the given time.

You can see, in the screen shot below, that the jigsaw puzzle has been inserted onto the slide.

Interaction is inserted in the slide

Preview the slide, and you can see the image is converted into a puzzle. You can also reset the puzzle, if you want to change the design.

Arrange the puzzle in correct format

You can also add hints and feedback to the puzzles. Once you have created a jigsaw puzzle, don’t resize or scale the interactivity. If you do so, the puzzle doesn’t work properly.

Hope you find this blog helpful. Try the puzzle with different images and more number of of pieces.

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