Calculating Simple Interest in an E-learning Course Using Articulate Storyline

Calculating Simple Interest in an E-learning Course Using Articulate Storyline

In my last post, I explained how to calculate the monthly savings of an employee using Articulate Storyline. In this blog, we will see how to calculate simple interest (SI) using the rapid authoring tool.

Earlier, we created a course for a financial organization to train its new employees on the process of calculating the monthly savings of an employee. The course was a major success, and so, we were asked to develop a course on the calculation of SI.

Let us now see how we can compute SI using Storyline.

Step 1: Create a new slide and insert three Numeric Entry fields to input the values of Principal amount, Rate of interest and Time period with respect to the text fields.

Step 1

The principal amount entered should be in rupees.

The rate of interest should be calculated as a percentage of the principal, on a monthly basis.

The time period corresponds to the number of months for which the interest is calculated.

Step 2: Three Numeric Entry Variables are created automatically for the above three Numeric Entry fields.

Rename those Numeric Entry variables (Numeric Entry, Numeric Entry 1, and Numeric Entry 2) as Principal, Interest rate and Time period.

Step 2

Step2 - Interest rate

Step2 - Time period

Step 3: Create a numeric variable SI with initial value as zero, and display the value of variable using “%”


Step 3

Step 4: Insert a button Calculate from the insert menu.

The formula to calculate the simple interest is: SI = (Principal * Interest rate * Time period) / 100

To perform the above calculation, add the below triggers in the specified order.

Trigger 1: Assign the value of Principal to SI variable.


Trigger 2: Multiply the value of Time period with SI value.


Trigger 3: Multiply the value of Interest rate with SI value.


Trigger 4: Divide SI value by 100.


The net value of the SI variable is the simple interest, calculated on the principal amount.

Now, preview or publish the course and check the output.

Publish the course

This way, we can perform different calculations using Storyline’s triggers. Hope this blog isinformative. Please share your thoughts.

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