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Criteria Influencing the Build or Outsource Decision in eLearning Development

Written By Shivani Singh

Criteria Influencing the Build or Outsource Decision in eLearning Development

Based on the various factors for evaluating the build Vs buy decision that we looked in the earlier post here is a simplified, consolidated list of the main criteria influencing the buy or outsource decision.

Assuming that the required skill sets and capacity is available for in-house development, companies would prefer to develop solutions in-house if:

  • The in-house solution costs less than an outsourced solution
  • The solution is your core business
  • You want direct control over production and/or quality
  • The business need is unique and there are no off-the-shelf solutions

Companies would prefer eLearning outsourcing for the following reasons:

  • Lack of in-house expertise
  • Insufficient capacity – people or materials
  • It is more expensive to develop in-house
  • Product/solution needs rigorous testing and processes
  • The outsourced product or solution lends itself to customization
  • The outsourced product or solution can be implemented faster

It is very important to consider the above factors prior to taking any decision to get the best possible solution at optimal cost, in the least time and with the best quality.

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  • Most outsourcing follows the familiar triangle of time/cost/resources; a further dimension is core business vs transitory requirement.