7 Top Blogs About Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora

7 Top Blogs About Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora

It is very difficult to judge which blog gives you the best information, as every blog has a key takeaway.  But, often you get lost in the search for information about rapid authoring tools. Well, I will make your search easy and fast now. Here are 8 top blogs that can give you comprehensive information about authoring tools.

Articulate Storyline

How to Convert Your Articulate Studio ’09 Course to Articulate Storyline?

The process of conversion is complicated because each tool differs from the other in terms of compatibility, publishing options, and other capabilities.. If you have a course developed in Articulate Studio ’09 and you want to get it converted into Storyline, just take a look at this blog. Follow it and make your job easy.

Compliance, Induction and Product Training via Articulate Storyline

When you have to train your employees on a particular product or service, you tend to get confused on how to provide them effective training. This blog gives you the needed information you require. It tells you how to develop effective compliance and induction training courses using Storyline.


How to Add and Sync Closed Captions/Subtitles in Lectora?

If you want to keep your course simple and attractive  the best tool to opt is Lectora; it is ideal for  best for mobile devices and provides a switchable interface. If you want to know how to add and sync closed captions/subtitles, please follow this blog which gives you simple procedures to make your task easy.

Features of Lectora Inspire 11

Lectora Inspire 11 is an advanced version of Lectora with several innovative features that will help you develop courses within schedules. It comes with a new interface and innovative features such as  Slides Media Library, Social media, Question Creator, etc.,

Abobe Captivate 8

All About New interface of Adobe Captivate 8 – Part 1

Adobe Captivate 8, the latest version of Adobe Captivate, can be used to develop highly engaging courses. In this blog, you will come across the advanced features of this tool and the incredible options it provides. To know more about Captivate 8 and its properties, you can follow the below links.

What Kind of Training Programs Goes Well with Adobe Captivate 7?

Using simulations and videos in courses is not as easy as we think. This is because, in some cases, simulations created using certain rapid authoring tools do not work efficiently in some devices. You can use Captivate 7 to use videos and simulations in a hassle-free manner. Please go through this blog to know more about it.

How to Create Responsive Projects in Adobe Captivate 8?

In the present scenario, mobile devices are used as widely as  laptops and computers they serve in many ways and full fill our needs. When it comes to training through eLearning on mobile devices, organizations tend to get disappointed as not all tools are mobile compatible. But Adobe Captivate 8 has come with a new advancement, where a single published course can be used on multiple devices.

These are a few blogs that I could suggest you for better information on rapid authoring tools. Do you have anything to add? Please do share with us.

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