Why is Bite-Sized Learning Becoming Popular?

Why is Bite-Sized Learning Becoming Popular

Why is Bite-Sized Learning Becoming Popular?

Bite-sized learning is the new face of eLearning. Gone are the days when companies used lengthy courses with spans ranging from 2 to 3 hours. So, why are organizations adopting these small courses?

What are the advantages of imparting training through courses that are of 15 to 20 minutes in duration? Let us see.

Ideal for importing training on mobile devices

Mobile devices have become the order of the day. Lessons delivered on these devices need to be short for creating best learner experiences. People often access “mobile learning content” while they are travelling and to get quick performance support. For instance, a busy medical representative who needs to meet a physician, can quickly brush-up his knowledge of his company’s latest drug by accessing the concerned product training course on his mobile, while travelling to the doctor’s clinic.

Best suited for delivering content through apps

Staying on with mobile devices and instant performance support, mobile apps are extensively used to provide Just-in-Time (JIT) support. Bite-sized courses are the most effective means of delivering JIT support through mobile apps. For example, while repairing an SUV, an automobile mechanic can instantly get the needed information by accessing a bite-sized course on the product, through an app installed on his smartphone.

Better learning results in better application

Our capacity to “digest” content is limited and presenting information in short modules goes a long way in learning effectively and retaining it for a longer period of time. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, learning in smaller chunks can improve the knowledge transfer by 17%. BBC, in 2002, compared bite-sized learning with longer training sessions and found that learning in smaller chunks had greater retention and understanding among the learners.

Thus, we see that bite-sized lessons can be used to impart high-quality training and provide effective JIT support. Indeed, they are indispensible elements in the online training strategies of organizations. What do you think?

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