Putting Together an ERP Trail Mix: Some Bite-sized Modules for Employees To Snack On

Putting Together an ERP Trail Mix: Some Bite-sized Modules for Employees To Snack On

Putting Together an ERP Trail Mix: Some Bite-sized Modules for Employees To Snack On

Planning to go live with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? However, not convinced of your end-users’ skills on ERP? Give them bite-sized modules that deal with a single learning objective and provide just-in-time support whenever they require. They save their time too due to their condensed size.

Here’s how they work!

Bite-sized videos from the top management to convey the change

It’s human tendency to listen when authority speaks. To prep your end-users for training, you can use microlearning videos that convey the message from senior management stating the importance of the ERP to end-users and the organization. They can speak about how the ERP is going to streamline the organization’s business processes, thereby cutting down the tedious work tasks. This can have a positive impact as end-users realize top management’s concern about easing their job tasks. 

Short learning modules for role-based training

When you train your end-users on ERP, you need to train them based on their roles. End-users can be from various departments such as HR, finance, marketing and sales. For every process based on employees’ roles, bite-sized units can be assigned as they deliver training on a definite process. For example, a sales rep may be trained on how to apply for a leave in an ERP but a sales manager has to be trained on how to apply as well as approve leaves.

Hence, each bite-sized unit provides individual employees the specific information relevant to their jobs. We developed multiple microlearning modules for one of our clients on procedures such as, “How do I apply for leave?”, “How do I cancel my leave?”, “How do I generate a customer list?”, “How do I view the expense statement?”, and more. Such personalized learning can stimulate end-users to take the training as they know they will be trained only on the tasks they need to perform.

Micro modules for training reinforcement

According to Hermann Ebbinghaus, a psychologist, forgetting curve is the decline in memory retention over time. It explains how newly-acquired knowledge fades away over a period of time. His research suggests that learning in short bursts at spaced intervals can be an effective way to retain what was learned. Bite-sized units do just that. They give what the learners require and don’t overwhelm them with too much information at once. So, after your end-users are trained on the ERP processes, they can be given these bite-sized units, to quickly refer what was learned earlier. Since users find it difficult to adapt to the new processes quickly, these units help reinforce process steps, even after they actually start using the ERP.

Bite-sized units or microlearning modules act as a trail mix for training and can be used to communicate the importance of the ERP to your end-users and persuade them to accept the new system. It also helps train and reinforces training delivered to them during workshops, boot camps, or classrooms. Since too much information at a time is not embraced by end-users, you can train them in bits and pieces using these short learning modules.

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