Going Beyond E-learning Authoring Tools – Let Content Rule!

Going Beyond E-learning Authoring Tools – Let Content Rule!

Take a quick look at the array of authoring tools available today in the market and you will be spoilt for choice! There are the more popular ones such as Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, Flash and others such as Course Lab, What2Learning, CamStudio working in the same space. All of them are great in their own right and offer multitude of options to create eLearning solutions. So, which ones do you use for your eLearning course?

During our experiences working with several fortune companies we realized that the learning requirements and objectives are varied. Every course that we develop for clients is different in terms of

  • Learning objectives
  • Audience and
  • Content

As a result, there is no cookie-cutter approach that we can follow. Each course needs careful analysis of all of the above before we can come up with a best solution. We need to tailor the content to suit the audience and help in achieve learning objectives. Content can be categorized in many ways. They could be:

  • Facts
  • Concepts
  • Processes
  • Procedures
  • Principles

How we present the content is very important. On one hand our learning experts analyse the content to arrive at the best possible method that can be used to showcase it:

  • Icons in place of text
  • Info-graphics in lieu of heavy text
  • Animations instead of complicated diagrams

On the other hand, they evaluate the authoring tools that help them create them and choose the one that would be ideal to handle the content and present in the format that best meets the learning objective.

Content is the most important component that needs to be considered before deciding on the authoring tool to be used

As learning professionals, it becomes very important that we do not lose focus on what is of paramount importance – the learning objective and the content that is going to help attain the learning objective. The TOOL is only a medium that facilitates the learning process. Therefore, let’s go beyond the tool and focus on content – Let the content rule!

To learn more about the role content plays in eLearning design and development, download our on demand webinar on “Align Authoring tool templates for effective learning strategies”.

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