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5 Excellent Blogs about Mobile Learning

Written By Divyaa Pratap

5 Excellent Blogs about Mobile Learning

The use of mobile learning in the corporate world is growing at a staggering pace. According to Towards Maturity, 70% of the organizations are planning to implement mobile learning in the next two years. Are you too planning to get on the mobile learning bandwagon? Then, here are 5 incredible blogs that provide valuable insights into the use of this training format.

1 – Mobile Learning Trends

Do you wish to learn about mobile learning trends that are transforming the L&D landscape? Are you looking for information on recent developments that help deliver highly effective training to your staff at low cost? Then, check out this excellent blog.

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2 – Practical Ideas for Using Augmented Reality in Contextual Mobile Learning

How can you unleash the power of mobile devices to harness the power of Augmented Reality (AR)? What are the various contexts in which AR can be used to support the “mobile learner”? Click the link below to read a wonderful blog that answers these questions and more.

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3 – 10 Benefits of Mobile Learning

How can mobile learning help you deliver top-notch training to your people? What makes this training methodology ideal in today’s world? Well, here is a nice post that explains the benefits of delivering training through smartphones and tablets.

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4 – Best Authoring Tools for Mobile Learning

What are the 3 most widely used authoring tools to develop mobile learning courses? How can they be used to develop captivating courses for the mobile? To find out, read this very interesting blog.

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5 – Train Your Employees with Mobile Learning

Do you intend to know how mobile learning can be used to deliver excellent training to your staff members? What are the training programs that can be delivered through this medium? Check out this blog to find the answers.

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BONUS – Top 5 Mobile Learning Delivery Formats – An INFOGRAPHIC

How can you impart mobile learning in an effective manner? What are the various delivery formats that can be used train your people through hand-held devices? Click the link below to find out answers to these questions.

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Hope you find these posts informative. Would you like to add to this list? Please do so.

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