Mobile Learning for Corporate training: 5 Benefits

Mobile Learning for Corporate training: 5 Benefits

Developments in technology offer various options to people to their jobs easier and efficient. While we talk about education and learning, we are in a fast and furious era where learning can be made available at your pace. 70% of the organizations are planning to implement mobile learning in the next two years (Towards Maturity, Benchmark Study 2012-2013). Mobile technology is now widespread and has been accepted as a tool to impart convenient, effective training.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

1. Convenience and flexibility

The best thing about mobile learning is that it’s convenient. It is highly flexible and you can access the courses anywhere, any time. Mobile learning can also be used to provide Just-in-Time (JIT) support. You can access courses even during “dead time” – in hours considered to be unproductive such as the time spent in travelling.

2. Enhance learning

Mobile learning courses do not create learner monotony because information is presented in small chunks. The content of these courses is short and crisp and together with relevant images help convey the message very effectively, without causing cognitive overload.

3. Cost effective

Mobile learning is less expensive than any other training curriculum. For instance, classroom training requires a tutor to teach, supply of laptops or computers to your employees which demands huge cost to take an eLearning course. Whereas in mobile learning, there are no such difficulties as most of them have mobile devices or follow BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) from which they can take the eLearning course.

4. Eliminates technology barriers

Learners, using mobile devices must obviously be familiar with the latest and fast growing technology; thus it’s not difficult for them to access and learn through mobile devices. Certainly there are no such technological barriers in mobile learning.

5. Suits different learning styles

There are no restrictions for the learning styles. Mobile learning supports all kinds of presentation patterns and learning styles. All video, audio, graphics, animations, text, and images are mobile compatible.

Hope you are now aware of the benefits of mobile learning. Would you like to add to this list? Please do so.

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