Microlearning – A Boon for Post Sales Training Support

Score a Six – Tips to Develop Mobile Microlearning

Microlearning - A Boon for Post Sales Training Support

According to the forgetting curve, memory retention declines with time and almost 80% of the learning is lost within 1 month. So imagine what would happen if sales reps are left without post training reinforcement, given the fact that they have to deal with multiple products. Post sales training support is the assistance provided to a learner after the completion of a training program in order to enhance his performance.

Microlearning offers short knowledge bites that can be consumed whenever and wherever required. These modules last from 5 to 10 minutes and address a maximum of 1-2 learning objectives.

How can Microlearning offer post sales training support? 

Training sales reps is the major concern sales training managers face, but providing post sales training support is yet another noteworthy concern. Let’s see how Microlearning makes a difference by offering sales reps the support they require the most.

Supports mobility

Sales reps are constantly mobile. They need to meet their customers/prospects, give product demos and sell products. Microlearning supports mobility by just being there for the sales reps when they need it the most. It can be accessed on any mobile device such as mobiles, tablets and iPhones, which are the gadgets that find place in the pockets of sales reps.

Reinforces knowledge

Microlearning is the perfect solution to aid memory retention. It makes product knowledge available as small nuggets that can be accessed by sales people whenever needed. Microlearning offers them a recap of what they learned. Digital resources such as audio books help reinforce knowledge and they can be utilized even when on the way to the client.

Replaces waiting time with learning time

Waiting time is a part and parcel of a sales rep’s job. At times, sales reps have to spend hours together waiting to meet the customer. Microlearning doesn’t let this waiting time go futile and feeds the sales reps with micro content.For instance, any impromptu meeting, due to which the sales call gets delayed, can leave the sales rep with lots of time. That time can be used for filling up his knowledge gaps. 

Provides Just-In-Time Learning

Sales reps can sell better only if they have solid knowledge on existing as well as upcoming products. The more familiar they are with the product features, the more confidently they can impact the buyer’s motive. To answer customer queries effectively about how their product is better than competitors’ products, they need to have knowledge of competing products too. Microlearning helps them compare product features as well as prices within no time by offering comparison tables, online flash cards, etc. It serves as a quick guide before meeting a client.

Ignoring post sales training support can prove to be costly to the organization. Hence, second thoughts about embracing Microlearning can be put to rest. Instead of going for an expensive classroom training session for post sales training support, you can give Microlearning a try. It would do justice for your time, efforts and resources for sure.

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