Training Gen Y: Where Do We Begin? Part 1

Training Gen Y: Where Do We Begin? Part 1

Training Gen Y: Where Do We Begin? Part 1

Based on our experiences with different clients and the challenges they were facing with respect to training Gen Y, we have put together an ideal training solution that involves taking technology into the classroom AND using it outside a classroom. So, where do we begin?

We strongly recommend that you begin with existing delivery methods, which is classroom training. Classroom training is here to stay and forms a very critical component of an overall training solution. What we can do is enhance the classroom experience and cut down on time and costs by using other methods as well. In other words, offer a blended learning solution.

Gen X vs Gen Y

We can use technology-enabled learning, say eLearning, for the following important functions: Assessment, Reinforcement and Revision. We can also make prerequisite information for classroom learning available online, so that learners are prepared with background knowledge and information. This way, the time spent on classroom learning can be spent well by focusing on the core training.

Training Gen Y: Where Do We Begin?

Taking Technology INTO Classrooms

Taking Technology INTO Classrooms

The first aspect of taking technology inside the classroom is by modernizing it.

Technology enabled classrooms

  • Broadband
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Computer labs
  • CBTs – Using Flash based interactivities in class

We can also ensure that our teaching methodologies are suitable for Gen Y and we use technology to facilitate these methodologies.

  • Case studies
  • Group studies
  • Business games
  • Simulations

A third aspect of taking technology into classrooms is to provide faculty and staff training support in handling technology-enabled classroom training.

Taking Technology OUTSIDE Classrooms

The features of this training solution are as follows:

  • Bite-size learning modules
  • On-demand training
  • Quick access to resources
  • Collaborative or informal learning
  • Virtual classrooms

In my next blog let us see these features in detail.

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  • As CloudSource Solutions announces the relase of “virtual classroom” for Google Apps Education Edition with providing their free email and calender solution and also allow to build thier own solution such as Custom Virtual Classroom.