How to Turn On AutoRun Feature in Windows 7?

How to Turn On AutoRun Feature in Windows 7?

AutoRun is a feature that helps programs in CDs/ DVDs or USB devices run automatically when inserted into a computer. However, over the years, this has become a main source for spreading malware as well. Due to this reason, Microsoft has disabled the Auto run feature in its latest operating system Windows 7. While, the intention behind this decision is valid, it has put us in a tricky situation with a client.

We had developed a course for the client and sent it to him in a ZIP format. The client was to download it and burn it on to a CD. The client has reported to us that while the Auto run features works fine when it is being used with Windows XP, it was not working when used on a system with Windows 7 operating system.

Our R&D department has come up with a solution to this problem which I would like to share with you. We have tested the same with the client courseware and found that it works fine.

  • 1. We first created a batch file using simple text editor like Notepad. Place the following code in the text file and save it as autorun.bat file.

Batch file creation

cd [foldername]

explorer.exe “index.html”

  • 2. Now the .bat file needs to be converted to .exe file. You can use any of the available converters to do the same and save the file as autorun.exe file.

.bat file convertion into .exe file

  • 3. You now have to create a autorun.inf file. Once again, use any text editor such as Notepad and place the following code and save it as autorun.inf.

autorun.inf file creation


Run1=[Folder name]/index.html

  • 4. You need to place the autorun.exe file as well as autorun.inf file in the root folder of the course/ CD

Autorun in windows 7

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