5 Best Rapid Authoring Tools to Publish eLearning to HTML5

5 Best Rapid Authoring Tools to Publish eLearning to HTML5

5 Best Rapid Authoring Tools to Publish eLearning to HTML5

According to the Towards Maturity, Benchmark Study 2012-2013, about 70% of the organizations are planning to implement mobile learning in the next two years. Is your organization one among the 70%, looking to implement an mLearning solution on a larger scale? If so, how do you make your Flash-based eLearning courses work on mobile devices, which are repulsive to Flash or Flash objects? The solution is you can make Flash-based courses HTML5 compatible, which is universally accessible by mobiles and non-mobile platforms.

There are various authoring tools, which help in the smooth transition of your existing Flash-based training material into HTML5, retaining the Interactivities that were adopted for eLearning. Let’s see the 5 best rapid authoring tools that can transform your existing eLearning content into HTML5 compatible courses.

Articulate Storyline

In the last 6 months, we have seen increasing demand from our clients, asking for projects to be developed in Storyline. This is because Storyline is a tool of choice to make your eLearning course interactive, in a short duration and HTML5 compatible, so that they work on iPads and mobiles. Storyline supplements those features that keep the cost low and the effort minimum.

The storyline has publishing options to Flash, HTML5 and Articulate mobile player. Learners will see the Flash version of the course if their browser supports it. You can choose HTML5 output to let your mobile workforce access courses on mobile devices. You can choose Articulate Mobile Player to let your learners access courses on iPads. It’s a free app that learners can download to have an aesthetic feel of the course on iPad.

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 7, the upgraded version from Adobe is packaged with lots of out-of-the-box features. Powerpacked with new features like the Tin Can Api support, right-to-left language support, possibilities to reuse/share of advanced actions, inbuilt interaction library, Twitter widget and multiple device compatibility. Captivate 7 helps you to deliver media-rich projects, with the help of Themes, Characters, Smart Shapes and Smart Learning Interactions to create content aesthetically, out of the box.

Adobe Captivate has publishing options to Flash and HTML5. You can create a same course for both desktop and mobile devices by just publishing the course to HTML5. Captivate can intelligently detect, whether the learners delivery platform is a Desktop or a mobile device and delivers the right content for the right device.


A tool that is preferred for text-heavy courses and translations, Lectora is a user-friendly authoring tool used to rapidly develop highly engaging eLearning course. This tool is renowned for its capability to easily convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses. The standout feature of this tool is that it has highly customized templates, Interactivities and quizzes.

Lectora makes it easy to publish your course to HTML, AICC and SCORM. Lectora also offers free iPad templates for eLearning courses. These templates can also be customized according to your eLearning content and requirements.


iSpring is a user-friendly tool that converts PowerPoint to HTML5; it is an add-on for PowerPoint. You can play your presentation on iPad and other mobile devices with iSpring pro. Animations, activities, audio, video and all PowerPoint styles are preserved, as they were before the conversion. You can also convert your PowerPoint presentations to any of the video formats (.M4V/.MP4/.MOV) supported by iPads. This tool is ideal for product training, since the product features and benefits are well explained through videos.

This tool has Tin Can Api support, it allows easy translation of your courses into any languages, and also this tool gives solid support to right-to-left languages. You can also sync videos and audio to PowerPoint and with an inbuilt narration editor you can add comments for each slide.

Articulate Studio ’13

Articulate Studio ’13 is a package integrated with powerful tools, Engage, Presenter, Quizmaker and replay. You will have all the features required to rapidly develop eLearning courses from PowerPoint with Interactivities, quizzes and assessments. Articulate Studio is ideal for quickly transforming PowerPoint presentations into an online courses. The tools in Articulate Studio are easy and intuitive to use.

Studio ’13 enables publishing options to both HTML5 and Flash. With Studio ’13 it’s pretty easy and remarkable in converting a PowerPoint to an HTML5-based course with characters, drag and drops and assessments. IPad users can run the course through a native app called Articulate Mobile Player.

These are the five best authoring tools that we use in our company; however, the choice of tools should ideally be based on your content types, available skills set, devices on which it has to be deployed, the budget and timelines.

To know more about HTML 5 and about 4 best Authoring Tools that support migration from Flash to HTML5, join the CommLab India webinar on “Migration from HTML5 to Flash” on 21st of this month.