Which is The Best E-learning Authoring Tool for Novice Developer?

Which is The Best E-learning Authoring Tool for Novice Developer?

Which is The Best ELearning Authoring Tool for Novice Developer?

When I started my career as a production executive, I did not have much knowledge on eLearning rapid authoring tools.

Now that I have gained gaining some experience, a question that most people ask me is this: Which eLearning authoring tool is the best for novice developers to develop eLearning courses?

Being an eLearning developer, I thought it would be a great idea to take a quick look at a few factors that need to be considered for the top 4 eLearning authoring tools (Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, Lectora Inspire and Adobe Captivate) from the perspective of a novice developer.

Let’s now look at the factors that need to be considered for the top 4 eLearning authoring tools in this blog.

Ease of use (user interface):

Novice developers always look for easy accessibility. So my suggestion is use Articulate Studio because this tool depends much on PowerPoint, which you most likely will already know. Storyline is also much usable but not as much as Articulate Studio. Lectora Inspire is easy to learn and use, but not quite as native as the other two tools. There may be some difficulty in using Captivate because this tool has the disadvantage from future updates. You will find that so many new features are continuously being added over the years.

Graphics Capability:

In my opinion, Articulate Studio, Storyline and Captivate-all these three tools have the full capability of PowerPoint graphics but Lectora lags behind because you need to create most of the graphical components externally and this requires much time and effort.


Most of you know that Storyline stands out first here because this tool has very strong interactive capabilities and makes your job easier than the other three, Lectora Inspire, Captivate and Articulate Studio. Articulate Studio tool has a very limited set of interactive options and you need to play around only with those options.


Here, we should think of which tool gives the most access to create questions and variables so that you can customize questions as per your requirement. For quizzing, Lectora Inspire gives the most access to questions and customize options than the other three tools. Storyline also has options for triggers and variables but it is not more flexible than Lectora Inspire.

Software Simulations:

In this regard, Articulate Storyline and Captivate are good choices for software simulations. Lectora Inspire does have the screen recording feature but these features are available only if you buy an expensive Inspire package, you get Camtasia. Articulate Studio doesn’t offer any screen-recording option.

Finally, all the four tools are great tools for creating interactive eLearning courses but novice developers should think of which tool is easy to learn based on his or her skills, interests and tool capabilities as mentioned above.

I hope you have learnt something new out of my blog. I would appreciate your comment on which authoring tool you find best for novice developers.

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