List of Authoring Tools that can Assist you in Creating MLearning

List of Authoring Tools that can Assist you in Creating MLearning

Are you in a dilemma about choosing the right authoring tool for converting your e-learning courses to mLearning? Are you looking for a tool that is more effective in meeting your mLearning demands?

For those who have the above questions, I thought of pulling out a list of Authoring tools that assists developers in creating mLearning. Since, there are many tools in the market that support mobile learning, I pulled out the one’s that are more popular in the e-learning world. This list is arranged in alphabetical order.

Adobe Captivate:

Adobe Captivate has publishing options to Flash and HTML5. You can create a same course for both desktop and mobile devise by just publishing the course to HTML5. Captivate can intelligently detect if the learners delivery platform is a Desktop or a mobile device and delivers the right content for the right device.

Articulate Storyline:

Articulate is a promising tool for mobile learning, Articulate Storyline has a feature to publish output to Flash, HTML5 and iOS. Output to HTML5 opens up the possibility of accessing the courses from mobile devices. And for iPad users, you can publish the course to iOS format.


Claro is a Cloud-based HTML5 compliant eLearning authoring tool from dominKnow. Its authoring features , pre designed themes and templates can be used to create engaging and interactive courses for mobile devices.

Hot Lava Mobile:

Hot Lava mobile learning solution from Kenexa allows you to develop courses rapidly and deploy it on all mobile devices and tablets. With Hot Lava Mobile, you can develop device independent content where the system adjusts for the display factors for different devices.


iSpring is a PowerPoint to HTML5 converter; it is an add-on for PowerPoint. You can play your presentation on iPad and other mobile devices. Animations, activities, audio, video and all PowerPoint styles are preserved as they were before the conversion.

Lectora Inspire:

Lectora is ideal for text heavy courses. Lectora enables you to publish your course in HTML format which makes the course run on mobile and tablet devices. Basic Interactivities are well supported in HTML, and smooth animations or Flash animations can be published as videos.

mLearning Studio:

Rapid intake is the Cloud based easy-to-use learning development solution. You can add Quizzes, activities, images, audio, and videos to easy form-based templates. Once added you can publish the course to either Flash or HTML5 or into both the formats. The published course automatically detects if the delivery platform – be it a desktop or a mobile device and delivers the right content for the right device.

I hope this list is helpful in your mobile learning initiatives. In case I have missed out your favorite tool in the list, please leave a comment in the comment box and the list will be updated.

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