New Features of Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate And Lectora

New Features of Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate And Lectora

New Features of Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate And Lectora

Over the last couple of years, there has been a sudden and a powerful surge in the eLearning authoring tools market. Majority of them are rapid authoring tools that help designers and developers to create eLearning courses without any programming skills. These tools are provided with a set of predefined templates for developers to fill the content, thus reducing the production time and cost.

Choice of these tools depends on the training requirement, nature of content, available development time and the team composition and available skill sets.

Let’s have look at the list of a few rapid authoring tools that have come up with new features, which are helpful in developing an eLearning course quickly.

Articulate Storyline Update 5:

Demand for this tool is increasing as this tool was released with new features on 27January 2014, resolving many issues and making an eLearning course interactive, quick and easy; it is HTML5 compatible. Let’s have a look at a few and important issues which were resolved in Articulate Storyline update5.

  • The issues of a web object on a layer not loading when revisiting the layer has now been solved in update5. Web object means any object (for example, image) that can be invoked by a URL or executed by another Speed Script.

Web object

  • When revisiting the Light Box slides, they would be blank in HTML5 output, It is now resolved in update5 where learners can get information when required.

Light box

  • Update5 has come up with accented characters displayed in Resource Description.

Accent characters

  • Overlapping of Drag-and-Drop choices was seen in the HTML5 output in the earlier Storyline update4; it is now resolved in update5.

Adobe Captivate 7:

The tool is used to develop high definition Software Simulations for eLearning courses. It transforms your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into HTML5-based eLearning that meets accessibility standards.

  • It adds an interactivity with the drag and drop option, YouTube video streaming. It has Tin Can Api support.

Drag and drop option

  • Has an ability to develop quizzes quickly and has a good collection of assessments. The drawback here is that we can’t reset the image or options once the action is performed.

Questions slide


  • You can see customizable widgets that can add actions to objects (e.g., hide on click) and closed caption text that synch with animation.
  • Captivate7 has you tube video streaming, linking eLearning course to YouTube.

Captivate youtube

  • Courses using captivate7 are very clear in Ipad.

Lectora 11.3:

Lectora is the most popular authoring tool used to develop HTML-based courses very quickly because the tool has many built-in resources that can handle text-heavy content; it can also be used when quick translations into multiple languages are needed. Some of the new features of Lectora, a user-friendly tool, are listed below.

  • It has inbuilt PowerPoint Presentation.

Lectora powerpoint

  • It is now with a transparent button, which wasn’t present in older versions often taken as a hit area. The area that react when the mouse pointer passes over it is defined as a Hit Area.

Lectora transparent

  • It has the Randomize choice option using which options for questions can be shuffled. This was not possible in the older versions.

Lectora randomized

  • It has inbuilt advanced SnagIt that helps in recording and capturing activities that have been performed or that are in process.

Lectora snagit

Now that we have information about the capabilities of authoring tools and having observed some of its features, it is advisable that one should have an expert in working with these authoring tools for developing an eLearning course effectively. Hence outsourcing eLearning development tasks to eLearning vendors enables you to deliver customized training to your employees, which is an ultimate factor for the organization success.

Hope you find this very helpful.

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